Hi. M Folz is the shortened form of Maureen and Michael Folz.  And we’ve been creating some of the World’s Finest Ready-To-Wear Irony ever since 1987.  And, yes, one should probably be doing something better with one’s life.  But, hey, it’s a living.  Sort of.  And by now well over 600,000 shirts have been purchased by people just like you.

Okay.  I don’t really know who you are.  But I have guesstimated that these designs might well be the consumer product with the highest average IQ customer in the entire world.  So such a ridiculously pompous claim at the least should make you feel very good about yourself.

That is, of course, if you’re an actual customer.  (Fun fact: Studies have shown that those people who look but do not buy have IQs which are on average 20 points lower than those of actual customers.)

When you do buy the shirts, though, rest assured that you are doing far more than simply proving how smart you are.  Because whenever you are wearing one of our shirts you are also helping to spread joy and happiness throughout the world.

What’s more, you are also helping to support M Folz in all of its other worthwhile endeavors.

Such as traveling.  Which by now is up to 200 countries.  (More or less, depending on how you define ‘country’.)  And which (on at least some of the journeys) you can read along with at the travel blog


Or how about creative endeavors?  For instance, would you like to hear Maureen sing?  Okay, admittedly our YouTube presence is crappy.  But here she is doing a cover song.  And here she is doing one of our original songs.


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